Who We Are

For over thirty years, our concrete specialists here at Allcare Concrete Services have been raising the standard in the concrete industry here in Houston, Texas through our individualized approach with our clients in regards to our concrete services and coverage.

How We Can Help

Whether your particular project is scaled larger, as with commercial properties, or if it's on a smaller scale, such as a residential property or home, you can rest assured that the diversity and flexibility of our concrete services will ensure your project's success!

Why Choose Allcare?

If you are seeking quality, affordable concrete services, such as concrete restoration, concrete staining, or concrete polishing, we insist that you consider the leading, local authority here in Houston, Texas for all concrete-related services: us at Allcare Concrete Services!

Locally Owned. Locally Operated. Locally Trusted.

Concrete Services Made SIMPLE

We value our relationships with our clients and tailor our approach according to their unique needs. We work with large corporations, general contractors, government municipalities, small businesses, and individual homeowners alike.

We utilize the latest technology and products within our industry by training with leaders in the field. We are always experimenting and testing out new products to ensure we are providing the highest quality service and products to our customers.

Why People Choose Us?

Your Satisfaction Is Achieved Through Our Diligence

Concrete Polishing Services

Ranging from on-call or as needed to routine and scheduled polishing - the concrete polishing services we offer are always top-notch and quality-assured! Please call if you have additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Concrete Staining Services

Seeking to breathe new life into your property, starting with its concrete and layout? Look no further than the expertise offered with our concrete staining here at Allcare Concrete Services here in Houston, Texas.

Concrete Restoration Service

Many of our clients' properties, both commercially and residentially scaled, are in desperate need of revamping and often, restoration. That's where our decades of concrete experience comes in!

Concrete Dyeing Services

One of the many benefits of using Allcare Concrete Services for your property's next concrete dyeing endeavor is not only the timeliness and punctuality of our concrete dyeing services but the overall customization options as well!

Your #1 Trusted Concrete Service Outfit!

Our Concrete Services

Commercial Concrete | Residential Concrete | Industrial Concrete

Concrete Polishing

Property size, scale, dimension, or layout complexity notwithstanding; our concrete polishing services are without peer in terms of quality, consistency, and affordability.

Commercial Equipment | Residential Equipment | Industrial Equipment

Equipment Rentals

For all "DIYers" or contractors who are wanting to polish and/or treat flooring or perhaps regrade their concrete, we offer rentals for various machines and equipment!

Commercial Epoxy | Residential Epoxy | Industrial Epoxy

Epoxy Services

One of our more popular flooring/concrete services is our complete epoxy coverage for all property types, including commercial, industrial, and residential properties.


We here at Allcare Concrete Services understand that not every concrete service or project is the same as the one before it. Which is why our concrete specialists are available to answer questions, perform property/project consultations, and provide invaluable insights into the concrete industry; especially concerning concrete staining, polishing, grinding, epoxy coating, and concrete restoration services! We strongly encourage you, the client, to reach out to our concrete experts as soon as it is convenient!

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